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Green Lantern - Wondercon Footage

Now, the 1st official traliler for Green Lantern was ok but left people unsure. Wispers that the movies producers weren't even happy with the trailer seems to expalin the release of this extra footage. This glimps into the story explain a lot more about the plot and chartcters we can expact to see. 

Now i'm even more excited about whats to come this summer. I feel like this movie shouldn't work but i'm hoping for something good.

What's your thoughts? Looking forward to see Green Lantern, do you think Ryn Reynolds is a good cast choice for the lead role? (Personnaly I think he can't do anything wrong)

Leave me a comment bellow and let me know what you think.

Peace out 



Green Lantern Trailer has landed!

It's here boy and girl, stop your grin-in and drop your linen. The 1st Green Lantern trailer has landed, staring one of my personal heros Ryan Reynolds. Someone please slap my face I am sold! (not that I needed selling).

Say it with me, this looks as cool as a gang of penguins dancing the cha cha slide.

Thanks FilmonicTrailers for putting up the video. Not sure if it's going to be aloud to stay there so here's another site who has it here thanks to Ross

Comment bellow on your thoughts, I want to here if your as excited as I am about this if it just me.