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Girls of Comic Con 

Unless you've been living in the north pole for the last year you'll know that as I write this comic con is happening in San Diago. Every year thanks to the power of the internets I follow along with all the hot breaking news that always flows out of the convention like a raging river. But c'mon it's not just the news and pannel that we should be getting excited about you can find some insanly hot girl in costume here just do a quick flickr search for high quailty results ;0)

Just Sayin'


Trailer - Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Teaser Trailer

Check out this teaser trailer for the next Transformers movie from Michael Bay. Post your thoughts on it bellow, I wanna here if your a fan or a Transformers hater. 

Personally I can't wait for Transformers 3!



Trailer - Cowboys and Aliens

Here a trailer for another movie i'm looking forward to. This is Jon Favreau's next movie after the awesome Iron Man 2. This one put Daniel Craig and Harrison ford on the same place, now that gotta be work a watch on it's own! 

Looking forward to seeing where this one goes I mean it's cowboys vs Aliens, you just don't see that every day.