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Video - "By your side"

Just check you this powerful video I came across on google+. This literally left me speechless, i'm sure I could draw all kind of connotation to the real world from the message in the video about racism and man's attitude to others but i'm not. I like to think this is just simple an emotional story about love, shot beautifully by a very talented man.  

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow


Music is by S.P.Y called "By Your Side"

Clip is a short film called "I'm here" by Spike Jonze


Introducing the Chief's Adventures

Readers of this blog will know I've been delving into the world of photography. I'm very much a novice, oh so very much a novice lol. One tip I keep getting from photographers is to have a little project. The idea being this will give you some focus which will mean you'll be able to concentrate on learning without too many distractions. I'm the type of person who really must heed these pearls of wisdom as I get distracted way too easy, especially when the distraction is shiny new gadget orientated. 

Simply deciding on a project to focus on has taken months but I've finally got something in mind that I can get my teeth into. As i'm literally a big kids I have decided to shoot toys! I have a number of them laying around the house so I may as well put them to an alternative use. Begging this project i'm focusing on one toy in particular a small figure of the Master Chief (main character of my all time favourite game halo). I've simply named him The Chief. Not very original I know but I think it's effective. 

So here's the 1st photo, I'm still ironing out where exactly i'll be posting the photo but all will defiantly be appearing on this dedicated page. They will probably find there way onto this blog and my google+ page so they're be plenty of places to check them out. 

Hope you enjoy them, I've very excited about taking them and seeing the final results 



Day Trippin' to Skipton & Signs of old age!

I've taken some time out from work to recharge my batteries from what's been a crazy few months. So much has changed and I've not had the time to take it all in, any who that's a different post.

I decided as I had some time off I would make the effort and spend some quality time with Lotti so a plan was hatched to take her on a mini adventure into the hills and valleys not too far from whence I came. The final destination, kept secrate as we ventured through the various A roads was to be a little town called Skipton, famous for it's picuresqe setting, building society and modest castle.

Now before I continue I should warn you that i'm no word smith, creative writing is not my strong point and spelling and grammer is literly my nemisis. I'm currently only 124 words in and i've have to spell correct at total of 25 words (i'll leave you to guess which ones). Also L will have written about these events on her blog am sure in a much more amusing way. So I might suggest that you might want to go see her version of the events.

Still here? Ok here's how the day went down mainly in picture form ;0) Cheat? me? no? I like to like just creative. 

This was the 1st time we stoped, briefly to get my bearing, for some reason L decided this was a good photo to take? from here I knew the day would be far from boaring. (anyone else think this looks like the lamp post from the Lion the witch and the wardrobe?).

 1st spot was a cattle market I'd been to years ago. On a Sunday they do a car boot which is popualr to the locals. After treating L to a jigsaw for a massive 50p I then finnished her off with a genrous purchase of a cone of chips then we hit the road again. To her suprise this was not the end of the days activies...  

I couldn't keep of from L any longer I had to admit the the finnal destination was to be Skipton partly coz I was dying to tell her coz i'm crap at keeping secrets but mainly becuase of the big sign saying WELCOME TO SKIPTON couldn't be ignored any longer. We parked up by the canal and took a look arround.

After walking for what seemed like ages we really need to sit down and recharge our batteries. It was here where I notice clue 2 that i'm getting old. Clue 1 was the simple fact I chose to come to this Mecca for golden oldies they call Skipton. The clue was the place we chose to eat. Not McD's or a cool and trendy coffee place no no no. It was an old cafe tucked away in a mini precinct which house a selection of boutique styled shops selling various wares. 

But I'm shamed to say the clues didn't stop there. The big clue slapped me right in the face like i'd been hit with a giant wet fish! There I was chatting away with L about how much we were enjoying our order when I looked down and there is was Clue 3! what we BOTH had ordered was a bloody CUP OF TEA and a Jam and a creamed filled SCONE! WHAT... THE... FUCK!!??? What the conversation was about how much we were enjoying our brew and sumised that it much be down to the fact the cafe used only Yorkshire tea. OMG what has happened to me??

We rounded our trip off to the town with a nice little 30 cannal boat trip BOOM Clue 4 which took us up to the castle where we had a local history lesson told by the boats captin. We heard how the cannal behind the castle was built by the castle owners to be used to ship lime stone from the local quarry. They would drop the mined stones down the shoots into the boats. 

You could guess from the photo they quickly discovered this method would result in a high instance of sunken boats so a lower path was made. I bet you didn't think you was getting a history lesson in this post. I was hit with it too, unexpenctantly. I thought I was just getting a quiet little boat ride, a chance to rest my tired legs Clue 5! We also learnt that the toe path was dangerously narrow for hourse as they were worth concidereable money so it was decided they would employ a man to pull the boats through this stretch at they were far more expendable?? The man given this job was named Tommy Often, nick named so because when people asked "How many time do you have to pull the boats in a day Tommy?" He would reply "Often enough" becuase he knew they wanted to know how much he was earning. Sounds like a wise man. 

After the boat ride that was us done for the day. All in all it was a good trip which went down very well. As you can tell it was a bit of an eye opener for me but you know what? As a proud owner of a new box of Yorshire tea purchased today, I don't care. I like what I like and I'll make no excuses for it. And besides all that we both know i'll never really grow up ;0)

Peace out 


P.s. I really shouldn't but I can't resist posting one more photo, enjoy... 


BT transformed into giant lightsaber 

What better way to market the launch of the long awaited blueray eddition of the Star Wars saga than to make the iconic BT tower look like a gigantic lightsaber. 

Did you notice about 26 seconds in the video's editior belittled Warwick Davis by crediting him only with his roles as 'Wicket' from the medeocor hit movie Willow! No mention of the fact he plays one of the main charaters (that was R2D2 for the none geeky readers). What an injustice I tell you. I noticed no sign of any of the american cast here for the event, not really shocking news. Oh well, C3PO did a fine job. 

Any who you have to admit this is total awsome! 



Battlefield 3 - Caspian Border Gameplay footage 

God I can't wait to get my hands on this game! Not sure i've been looking forward to a game launch for a while as much as this 

Bagsy the appache :D


Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions

Videos like the is why I love the internet. Have a break enjoy the crazy bicycle boy then get back to work.



ThatGraham Photography - Bench HDR(ish)


Thought I would share one of my photo's with you.

I shot this bench on the promenade close to where I live. It's shot on old Iphone 3g and processed using the Camera+ app which no Iphone photographer would be without. The filer used is called HDR though it not an achual HDR photo I look pritty good. 

I'd like to encourge you to creque my photo so I can improve. What do you like/don't like about it.




Knights of Badassdom - It's bad ass

Haha holy all star casts bad man. I'm just gonna say this looks epic! 



Girls of Comic Con 

Unless you've been living in the north pole for the last year you'll know that as I write this comic con is happening in San Diago. Every year thanks to the power of the internets I follow along with all the hot breaking news that always flows out of the convention like a raging river. But c'mon it's not just the news and pannel that we should be getting excited about you can find some insanly hot girl in costume here just do a quick flickr search for high quailty results ;0)

Just Sayin'


Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer 

Ok Some poo just came out!