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Website/Iphone app suggestion... Audioboo

Hello peeps,

Just wanted to give a little shout out to Audioboo.

Audioboo is a service which, using an app on your Iphone, allows you to make small recording of, well, pretty much anything you like really. Its kind of like twitter but with audio. Once you’ve made your recording it is uploaded to the Audioboo servers for everyone to hear.The app also uses the Iphones GPS to geo tag the location on the recording.

The accompanying website has a very clean and simple design but looks great. Each boo gets its own little webpage which includes an audio player, of course, a google map showing where the boo was recorded, any tags you have added and code for embedding/linking the boo.

If there is a user on audio you’d like to follow you can subscribe to their RSS feed but the guys Audioboo have taken is a step further. The service also syndicates a users boo’s as a podcast so they can be subscribed to using Itunes… nice touch!

So why not have a go, have some fun with it, this could be the next step in the ever evolving social networking space, expect to see audioboo links appearing in a facebook/twitter status update near you;-)


P.S Here’s my very 1st Audioboo  


why not post your Audioboo replies bellow


Facebook 3.0 Update for Iphone Coming soon. Push coming later.

ook like face book are about to release an update for their Iphone app. Unfortunately push wont be included this time round.

It would have been nice for Facebook to have had push ready for the 3.0 launch last month… oh well thems the breaks!

Article take from theIphone blog website

Facebook 3.0 app update

Whether the idea of push notification for the iPhone Facebook app makes you want to do a happy dance, or just run screaming for the delete button, according to a recently published note, you won’t be getting it in the 98% completed Facebook 3.0 anyway:

Push Notifications, is in development but it won’t make it into 3.0. You can expect it in a 3.1 update later this summer.

So what will Facebook 3.0 bring? The “new” news feed, ability to “like” status, events with rsvp, notes, pages, better photo management and browsing, a new home screen, fixed comment notifications, SMS and call from friends screen, and auto-save so incoming calls don’t kill your unfinished messages.



Funny Youtube Vid

Here’s a video posted by American Comic Jonny B. He’s also co-host of the Internet radio show Nobody Likes Onions.

Its not anything informative I just find it funny.


New Facebook Privacy controls take on twitter

Facebook are making plans improve their service to better twitter. An article posted on PCworld.com, talks about how Facebook are planning to change privacy options which will bring greater control over messages posted by its users, specifically who gets to see them on a post by post basis. See original article here

In a move that may actually pass without a huge uproar, Facebook has begun testing new privacy options that will make the service pretty much just like Twitter, but only if you want it to be. Or so they say.

If these changes pass without a big user protest it would mark something of a return to normalcy for the service, which in the recent past has become globally-recognized for its ability to tiff users at seemingly every turn.

Once the changes–now in beta and not yet final–are complete, users will be able to decide who can see their Facebook posts on a post-by-post basis. The sounds like a chore, and may be if not implemented properly, but it also makes Facebook potentially much more flexible and useful than Twitter.

With the enhanced privacy controls, described by Facebook execs here and here, users will be able to select quite specifically–from everyone on the planet down to a single friend–who sees which posts.

Twitter makes no such allowances. Once you’ve accepted a follower, they see everything you Tweet. That aspect is part of what makes Twitter more like a news or announcements service and less a way to share information with only your close friends. That, and the 140-character message limitation, which Facebook lacks.

The new Facebook controls, as I understand them, would allow me to post links to blog posts like this one for everyone to see, while items of interest only to my ham radio friends would be visible only to a group of people that I’ve specifically selected.

Create enough groups and you could make Facebook publishing a pretty granular thing, while still maintaining a public face by posting to everyone. This could become complex, but only if you want to add lots of groups and sometimes forget to select the proper setting before sharing.

Reading Facebook’s description of the planned changes, which include getting rid of the oh-so-useless regional networks, I can’t find anything that makes the hair on the back of my neck rise. That is an unusual experience with Facebook lately, so I’ll have to go back and reread a few times.

Still, with the addition of friendly URLs (I am www.facebook.com/coursey), and the forthcoming privacy changes, Facebook may become a better Twitter than Twitter as well as a better Facebook than Facebook is today.

Finally, a Facebook change I may not have to vote against.

David Coursey, who has been called “cranky” in some blog circles, points out that this post is almost warm and cuddly. He tweets as techinciter and can be reached directly using the form at www.coursey.com/contact.

So, what are your thoughts, good thing or bad thing? Post your comments bellow


Iphone app Suggestion - Autostich

Ok i’ve not been doing a good job of keeping this updated seen as my last post was March 24th!

I’ve been doing more and more surfing of the old tinternet so I figure why not talk about some of the more ‘interesting’ things I come across. So here we go…

1st off is a little iphone app for anyone wanting to get a little more from their iphone’s camera. The app is called AutoStich. It pretty much does what it says on the tin. Take a series of overlapping photo’s, select them in Autoostich and the app will mash them together to make one big photo. The £1.19 price tag is great value for money, weather you want if for serious photography or just for fun Photostich is defiantly the best app out there of its kind.


Hello World

Ok this is something i’m going to try any keep up with on a REGULAR basis.

Ok where to begin???

Did a 5-cl shift today wasn’t too bad but to be honnest I could really focus for some reason. Hummm

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