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Song of the Week - New York by Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol not too long ago release their latest album Fallen Empires and if you are Snow Patrol fan you wont be disappointed. Back in January me and Lotti finial ticked a long awaited item of our bucket list and saw Snow Patrol live during there tour stopping off at the Liverpool Echo area. The band, thankfully, lived up to all my expectations which were very high! The gig will go down as one to remember although i'm certain it will not be the last time we see them live. 

As with most albums there were a few song that instantly caught my attention right from the 1st time of playing it. One of which was a song call 'New York' and a few days ago the official video was launch so here it is. Have a look and see what you think. For me this song is exactly why SP are in my top 3 bands they somehow manage to repeated create haunting and captivating music and lyrics and really feel genuine and original. Hope you like it enjoy...


Music thats been coming in my earlobs 

In all the excitement of the IOS realse i've not had time to do much blogging but I thought i'd share some muics thats been grabbing my attension this week... 

Snow Patrol - This Isn't Everything You Are

Following on from the amazing Called out in the Dark This is the video for there nex single to be release. I've only listened twice and I'm hooked! Based on these 2 tracks allone I will be buying the new ablum Fallen Empires when it realises 12th Novemeber. 

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

I know this is been out a while, just for reference I called this one when I 1st heard it a while back. Still can't get it out my head great track. 

Charlene Soraia - 'Wherever You Will Go'

Reconise this song? It's The Calling man! You might has heard this on already on the TV, it's beeing used in an ad for Twinings Tea. Scott Mills (BBC Radio 1) played the full version earlier in the week, I think its pritty good. What do you think? Rather we stick to the original version?  

Got any hot tips for good bands you've been listening too? Hit my up in the comments box.

I'm hoping to do a full ISO post but think it's gonna be quiet time consuming. Watch this space

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