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Video - Snoop Dogg vs. LL Cool J: The Ultimate Halo Smack Down

Check out this hilarious video of Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J and Zac Levi battling it out on Halo Reach.


Blog - We've REACHed the end of the road

Today should be a great day for me. I am a massive Halo fan. I say it loud, I say it proud. The creation of the Halo Universe was as big to me as the birth of Star Wars was to fans back in the day. Master Chief is my Luke Skywalker.

Today is the launch of Bungie's final installment of their Halo series, which returns to the time just before the 1st game where we see the fall of the planet Reach. We know how it ends but the game tells the
story of how Reach fell and the final stand Earth and more importantly Noble Team made against the Covenant.

For every successive launch of the Halo games I've been all over it like white in rise. I book time off from work, pre-order the limited edition version of the game then head down and queue up with the other
Halo head cases for the midnight launch, take my copy along with a 4 pack of Relentless and other assorted gaming snacks home and spend the few days kicking ass and taking names in my favorite place from home.

But this time my fight against the convent will be different, it will 
be a sad affair, as this is the last game Bungie will be making under the Halo banner. So, as I slaughter any convent scum that comes my way I'll know I'm one step closer to the end of my time in the Halo Universe. I'll be picking up my copy later tonight and with a Relentless in hand and a tear I'm my eye I'll fight the evil covenant one last time and say fair well to my comrades, my solders, my friends.

Halo forever baby!!!!!


Video - These Kids take gaming wayyyyyy to seriously.

Here's a collection of some of my favourite video's of psycho kids playing xbox.


Halo 3 ODST - Official Desperate Measures Trailer [HD]

Here's the desperate measures trailer for Bungie's latest game Halo 3 ODST. The love the game trailers these games put out they always give me goose bumps when I see these.

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