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Game Trailer - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

I love Star Wars video games. Not for the games themselves but for the awesome trailers that inevitably precede them.  I can't get enough of watching Jedi's in ass kicking action and with every new game comes a new interpretation of what these boys can do. The boy behind Old Republic have put out some great action clips and now Lucas Arts have up'd the anti with this saber fest.




Game Trailer: Duke Nukem Forever!!!

This game has been 12 years in the making. I pray Gearbox deliver on this but to be honest thanks to the traditional Duke Nukem naked babes and rock hard one liners this is guaranteed to sell to at least every, hormone raging, teenage boy on the plannet!

Can't wait to play... Duke Nukem Forever baby!


New Freddie W video - Time Freeze shoot out

New Freddie Wong video yeah. Check his youtube channel his video's are full of awesomeness!



200 Paper Plans with memory card payload dropped from space by Samsung

Just caught this article on wired.co.uk. Thought it was so cool I had to post it here. Here's the skinny...

Step 1: Post message on website asking people to leave message that will be put onto the SD cards which will be on the paper planes.

Step 2: Make a weather ballon capable a) reaching 21 mile (the stratosphere) b) releasing 200 paper planes. 

Step 3: Load data onto memory card then make a load of papar plan and attached one SD card to each plan.

Step 4: Head to germany and launch balloon. 

Step 5: Tear arround Germant countryside looking for downed balloon via tracking magic. 

Step 6: Wait for the messages. Each card also has a message saying what the project is about and asking for info on where the plan was found.

Check out the video. Little stunts like this are awesome, now where are them party balloon left over from christmas?...



vlog - A look around the man cave

Hello party people. Here's a quick look around my home office. Any design tip drop me a comment bellow. 



Nice Peter Picture song - Old, and Shinny, and Awesome

It's monday that can mean only one thing... Nice Peter and another picture song out and it's awesome!

If you want to see more of his stuff check his youtube channel out.



Music - Hands Covers Bruise By Trent Reznor & Atticus Rose

This is one of my favourite tunes at the moment. Like most music I like I discovered it in a movie. This time on the opening scene of The Social Network. Gonna be giving the full OST a listen. Possible review coming??? 


Viral Video - Puma 'HardChorus'

Check out this viral video for Puma.

Filmed in The Beehive Pub, Tottenham
Savage Garden's song 'Truly Madly Deeply' - sung by a group of Football fans, made up of genuine Tottenham Fans and Singers that are Football Fans, to their other halves for 14th February 2010 (Valentines Day falls on a Match Day) Love = Football.

So beautiful... 


Video - Gang of Smart Mini-Copters Learns How to Build Stuff 

Check out these cool little quad copers building shit!

Check out the full article over at Mashable.com 


vlog - Black Ops & Iphone news

Late night vlog I made while playing some black ops with my wingman @Chrislj (on twitter). Also threw some new on Iphone. 

Don't go changin'


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